Prime Resurfacing provide quality coating products that are designed and recommended for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

The products used are fast drying from 2 to 4 hours, non yellowing formula, resistance to mould in the grout lines, hot water tolerant, excellent gloss and colour retention and can be sprayed in a range of colours.

Prime Resurfacing a greener durable high performance coating that can be applied in 1 day and offers tough chemical resistance allowing customers to “shower in 2-4 hours”.

Our products have been quality tested and can be used on most surface types, such as; porcelain, ceramic, acrylic, fibreglass, plastic, PVC, laminate, marble, granite, metal and wood.

Fast drying, provides excellent gloss and colour retention, low odour, low toxicity so better for the environment. We can also do a wide range of colours for all products.

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