Below is a detailed list of frequently asked questions that clients often ask Prime Resurfacing:

How long does it take to respray a bathroom or kitchen?
Generally a bathroom can be resprayed in 1-2 days and a kitchen usually takes between 3-4 days to complete.

How long is the guarantee?
We provide a 5 year guarantee on our resurfacing work. This excludes bench tops which have a 3 year adhesion guarantee.

When respraying surfaces does it smell or leave an odour?
Respraying does leave a smell, but it doesn’t hang around very long.

Do resprayed surfaces chip easily?
No surfaces don’t chip easily, however you do need to take care with resurfaced areas.

Will I get mould in my grout lines after a respray?
No there shouldn’t be any mould in the grout lines, as the grout is sealed by the paint.

How do I clean my surfaces now?
Don’t use abrasives, acids, or bleaches. Spray cleaner and a cloth should be sufficient. For further information, please contact your technician.

Do resprayed surfaces go yellow?
No the resurfaced areas will go on white and stay white, unlike some enamel paints.

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